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There has certainly been a lot of media attention this year on the building industry, and unfortunately for us builders, it’s not been attention in a good way. Thanks to developments like Mascot Towers, and the Opal Tower in Sydney Olympic Park, confidence in the construction industry as a whole, has fallen to an all-time low.

The question we often get asked is “who is responsible for building defects?”. Generally, an architect or engineer is usually responsible for defects in the design of construction projects. Whereas a builder is usually responsible for defects caused by a failure to conduct work according to those design specifications. This is fine if building defects are identified within the six years covered by warranty. As in the case of Mascot Towers however, with the building being ten years old and defects only now being uncovered, the expense to remediate falls to the owners and in some cases can be financially crippling.

So what can you do to prevent this type of occurrence in your building? Preventative maintenance is really your best solution. Fluid offer preventative maintenance programs and yearly health check inspections to maintain warranties to works we have previously completed.

We regularly tie this in with anchor testing, or some other area of works, to minimise cost. The Owners Corporation of an apartment block in Wylde Street, Kings Cross who contracted Fluid to re-purpose their roof space into a modern usable space now engage Fluid to yearly INSPECT, REPORT and CARRY OUT MINOR repair works to maintain the quality of the build. All building materials will inevitably succumb to UV, airborne salt, wildlife & human interaction and water. This kind of on-going maintenance will ensure owners get maximum value from their initial outlay and the peace of mind that someone with experience is looking after their asset.

As an example we would arrange touch-up painting of doors and metal work for any surface rust, check balustrades, touch-up and repair rubbers, and any works that have been damaged by tenants during the 12 months. Most visits receive a clean bill of health, which is useful for owners to use if selling or leasing their properties.

Feel free to contact Fluid to discuss implementing a similar program at your property.

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