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The overall project involved Remedial Rectification, Balcony Additions and Upgrade Works to an existing Unit Block consisting of 18 units of brick construction with no balconies.

Working Group

Project Value: 4.5 Million


view of 3 wardua st Kirribilli with a new balcony addition by Fluid Building services
Kirribilli balcony addition completed on Sydney harbour


Close and confined access plus the age and brick construction of the existing building pose some interesting challenges with this project. The project team needed to take into consideration the following before the project was approved.

  • Efficient addition of 23 balconies to the existing building. 
  • Increase user quality of life 
  • Increase Investor return 
  • Low impact on existing residents (no need to move out) 
  • Maintenance free construction as the building is difficult to access 
  • High consideration for buildability 
  • High consideration for durability as the building is set directly on Sydney Harbour. 
restricted access to 3 Waruda st from the water


Waruda St Early stages at waters edge, Innovation and dedication

The involvement of the working group right from the outset ensured success.

They were able to achieve this by

  • Working group spent 6 months planning and working through all details of the project prior to commencement on site. 
  • The project ran seamlessly over 6 month timeline without delays 
  • Communication to residents is handled through the OC (owners committee) working group 
  • Disturbance to each unit is limited to 1 month. 


  • All goals achieved 
  • No delays due to weather or increased scope 
  • Exponential added value to each unit 
  • An expected 30 to 50 year life with a limited warranty. 

“Now that I have seen it myself, I can give my professional opinion on the concrete swirls in the balcony soffits.  I believe they are quite acceptable (in fact the quality of the concrete is so good, that that is the only thing your eye picks up on).  I have never seen concrete that good in terms of smoothness.” 

Comments from The Architects – Ben Johnson MHDP

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