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What is better than looking out at a spectacular view?

Looking out at the view from a spectacular looking building! 98 Bower Street sits in one of the most sought after locations in Sydney. With development progressing around it, the unit block was relatively plain and simple in comparison to those surrounding it.

Not any more!

Fluid has upgraded the façade by removing all concrete spalling and enhancing the balconies with new tiles and glass balustrades. The replacement of service lines for plumbing and communication, along with new windows & doors, and repointing the whole buildings brickwork has given this 1970’s building contemporary new features, while still retaining its originality.

In an effort to improve the environmental sustainability of the building, a new membrane system on the roof top, covered with new solar panels will provide power for common areas, with any excess divided between the units, benefiting both the residents and the environment.

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