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Renovating can sometimes be seen as an expensive exercise for property owners. Truth of the matter is, often the outlay is much less than the increase in value that the renovation achieves.

Whether you are choosing to renovate to prepare your home for sale or simply just to update it for your own lifestyle and enjoyment, a renovation can be a great investment in your time and money.

The brief for this duplex was to upgrade the look of the building, without breaking the bank. Often the request of all property owners!

Prior to rendering and painting the façade, the circa 1970’s property underwent repair to brickwork, removal of deteriorating windows and a relocation of original plumbing pipes.

Converting the original two arched entry doors to the garage to one large roller door has provided a more functional garage space giving a more appealing and modern look to the rear of the building and allowing the owner to get their cars in!

For a 7% outlay of the value of the property, the owners now enjoy a 2020 building without the price and headache of a rebuild.

Paul Working with Guys_Increasing Value
Finished Rear Facade