New compliance declaration scheme for the building industry

Fluid Building is now a registered Design & Building Practitioner.  As of 1 July 2021, a new compliance declaration scheme under the Design and Building Practitioners Act requires that any person who carries out construction work has a duty to exercise reasonable care to avoid economic loss caused by defects.

Design and Building Practitioners have new obligations relating to ‘regulated designs’. These are the designs prepared for a building element, or a performance solution, for building work.

Practitioners are required to rectify design issues before construction begins – saving everyone involved time and money, thereby avoiding disappointment and stress for clients.

This highlights the importance of a “team effort” between the client, the builder, engineers and designers in the preliminary planning stages to ensure that the regulated design not only meets Building Code of Australia requirements, but is also practical.

This new Compliance Declaration Scheme refers to building work relating to the construction; alteration or addition; or the repair, renovation or protective treatment of a building.

The builder must supply a building compliance declaration, confirming that their work meets the Building Code of Australia requirements, that the work is built in accordance with regulated designs prepared by registered Design Practitioners, before lodging the Declaration on the NSW Planning Portal.  A Design Practitioner could be an architect, engineer, fire safety engineer etc.

There are also new obligations to lodge documents on the Portal at various stages during the construction process.

Once building work starts, if any work varies from the regulated designs, new regulated designs and new design compliance declarations or variation statements from registered designers need to be obtained and lodged.

So what’s the moral to the story?  Good planning and teamwork right from the start!  Two things Fluid Building are passionate about.

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