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Balcony Additions on the Northern Beaches

Transform your apartment into a dream home with our expert balcony addition services.

Adding a Balcony Adds Huge Value

Balcony additions to existing unit blocks around the Lower North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney with small or no balconies have a huge opportunity for improved property values.
With the addition of an external balcony to each unit, we have been able to change the footprint of the unit and add significant value to the property. Essentially turning fresh air into a valuable asset.

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Very Low Impact on Occupants

With most of the construction done from scaffolding on the outside of the building, there is minimal impact on the inhabitants. No internal access is required.

Our process is quick and the results are astounding.

Savings to the Unit Owners

This also opens up an opportunity for the owners of the units within the unit block.
If they are thinking of renovating the unit inside, why not use Fluid Building Services?

  • We are onsite
  • We don’t need to use common areas to access individual units
  • We are expert residential builders
  • Costs are often lower than a stand-alone builder doing one-off renovations
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Our Expertise in Balcony Additions

1. Design advice with BCA and Fire Compliance

2. Innovative concepts to increase efficiency

3. Pre-fabrication and prebuilds

4. Incorporation of Modern remedial products and technology

Our Process

Structural Assessment

Conducting a structural analysis to ensure the building can support the new balcony. Engaging with structural engineers if necessary

Permitting and Approvals

Ensuring compliance with local building codes and regulations

Material Selection

Recommending suitable materials for the balcony (e.g., wood, metal, composite). Providing options for railing materials and designs

Balcony Size and Layout

Determining the optimal size and layout based on client preferences and space available. Ensuring the design complements the overall aesthetics of the property.

Integration with Existing Structure

Seamlessly integrating the new balcony with the existing structure. Maintaining the architectural harmony of the building.

Safety Features

Incorporating safety features such as sturdy railings and non-slip surfaces. Adhering to safety standards for elevated structures.

Construction Timeline

Providing a realistic timeline for balcony construction. Coordinating construction activities to minimise disruption.

Project Management

Overseeing the construction process. Coordinating with contractors and subcontractors.

Need help in choosing the right balcony additions? Talk to us today.

Why Choose Us

With 25 years of remedial refurbishment and renovation experience your project is in safe hands. We have a reputation of great communication and an empathetic approach to the tenants of the properties we work on.

We will assess the project and offer the best solution based on our years of experience and local knowledge of the Norther Beaches.

We look forward to helping you. Please feel free to Contact Us 

Independent and Flexible
Independent and Flexible
Attention to Detail
Attention to Detail
Responsible and Clean
Responsible and Clean
Efficient Project Management
Efficient Project Management

Previous Project

Kirribilli Sydney

Kirribilli Unit Block Added Balconys to existing building

An old unit building in the exclusive Sydney suburb of Kirribilli has been given a new lease of life. Built on the picturesque Sydney Harbour, this unit block lacked only one attribute: balconies! Fluid has transformed the block by adding new curved concrete balconies attached to the existing brick facade.
The addition of a balcony on each unit not only allows the residents to enjoy those beautiful summer afternoons sitting on their balcony looking out over the harbour but also adds significant value to the property.

What We Did?

  • Conception Stage
  • Complete Refurbishment
  • Concrete Repair
  • Construction Work

Service Area

  • Proudly Serving the Northern Beaches
  • Localised content for the Northern Beaches audience

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