Upgrades to compliance, also brings upgrades to appearance!

Fluid specialize in bringing multi-storey buildings into compliance with the current building code.

For many years balustrading has been going through compliance upgrades. Many old balustrades are only 900mm high instead of 1000m. Gaps between rails or posts are larger than 120mm. Many products like brick and timber do not meet the code when tested under impact loading.

Converting the original timber to a frame-less glass handrail system on this unit block in Queenscliff has not only brought the balconies up to code, but also given the building a contemporary new look.

Importantly Fluid carry out all the remedial preparation and consider future tile height factors. to ensure that the balustrades connections are waterproof, free of concrete spalling

The new stainless steel brackets, complete with toughened glass and stainless steel top rails will withstand the toughest of saltwater environments, providing safety and longevity for the owners and residents.







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