About us

About us

Fluid Building started with a concentration on Remedial Projects. Solving problems for unit blocks (from 2 units to 1000 units) that required works. Quickly we developed a reputation for resolving problems by applying our building experience to “add value” for our clients.

Our solutions are well thought out. We have always strived to educate our clients in the “why and how” of construction.

We want our clients to feel that we have their best interests at heart. As a company that has carried out many “in house developments and continue to manage those developments”, we build for others as we would build for ourselves.

This has seen Fluid Building Services being engaged to build many “high spec” or “difficult” residential homes and clubs for our long term remedial clients. They trust us and know what we deliver.

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Fluid Building Services Pty Ltd
PO Box 7254, Warringah Mall,
Brookvale, NSW, 2100.

P: 02 9938 1884
E: admin@fluidbuilding.com.au

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